Full Show (Brady vs. Belichick, Cowboys, Antonio Brown, Nick Foles, Bostic, Reggie Bush joins)


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00:00 Was Tom Brady the glue that held New England together?

23:25 How did Dallas get to this point after being favored to win the division?

39:14 Will Antonio Brown help or hurt Tampa’s chances of reaching the Super Bowl?

52:19 Will Nick Foles be able to make another title run in Chicago?

1:02:31 Skip & Shannon discuss the news that Washington LB Bostic will not be suspended for his hit on Andy Dalton.

1:13:48 Reggie Bush joins to discuss Brady & the Bucs going 5-2 as the Patriots lose their 3rd straight game under Belichick.

1:25:40 Reggie Bush returns to discuss the Cowboys’ struggles.

1:36:00 Are you buying Pat Riley’s statement that the Lakers’ title has an asterisk due to the Heat’s injuries in the Finals?

1:46:05 Should Lane Kiffin have been fined for retweeting criticism of SEC officiating during kickoff call?

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