Full Show (Jason Garrett, Cowboys' next head coach, NFL playoffs preview)


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-Was it the right move for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to move on from Jason Garrett? (00:16)

-Who would you hire to be the next head coach of the Cowboys? (25:24)

-Who will win: Titans or Patriots? (40:01)

-How soon will Jason Garrett get another job? (49:08)

-Eric Dickerson joins to discuss whether or not he’s surprised about the news that Jason Garrett will be leaving the Cowboys. (57:50)

-Eric Dickerson returns to discuss who he would hire as the next coach of the Cowboys. (1:10:21)

-If the Patriots lose to the Titans, where will Tom Brady be playing next season? (1:21:30)

-Who will win: Seahawks or Eagles? (1:30:40)

-How much better will the Cowboys be next season without Jason Garrett? (1:39:19)

-Who will win: Texans or Bills? (1:51:11)

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