Full Show (NFL Divisional Round preview, Kendrick Perkins vs. Kevin Durant, Derrick Henry, Tom Brady, Amari Cooper)


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-Who will win: Titans or Ravens? (1:30)

-Who is the better QB: Mahomes or Deshaun? (25:19)

-Who will win: Seahawks or Packers? (37:58)

-Whose side are you on in the Twitter feud: Kendrick Perkins or Kevin Durant? (52:01)

-Eric Dickerson joins to discuss what he sees of himself in Derrick Henry. (1:04:13)

-Did you like the way Russell Westbrook handled his return to Oklahoma City? (1:18:25)

-Who will win: Vikings or 49ers? (1:26:59)

-Do you agree Brady is focused on his supporting cast rather than money in his new deal? (1:35:45)

-Does Amari Cooper deserve to be the highest-paid receiver? (1:46:39)

-What does it tell you that LeBron took over the lead in fan voting for NBA All-Stars? (1:53:30)

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