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The X-Men - Professor X A Mr. Turner Edit We are talking about Arabian Prince >> In 1986 he was a founding member of N.W.A but when fellow member Ice Cube came back from the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1988, Arabian Prince soon after left over royalty and contract disagreements. "I started off as a solo artist", he said, " so I was aware of what a royalty statement was. I knew that when these many records were sold, there is a quarterly statement. When you look at it, you can see how much money was paid and then share it. This was not the case. We were also never paid for touring." Eazy-E, Ice Cube and MC Ren remained as the main performers, DJ Yella was the turntablist and Dr. Dre was the main producer. After leaving N.W.A, Arabian Prince began a solo career. His first album, Brother Arab, was released in 1989 with the hit single "She's Got A Big Posse"; Where's My Bytches followed in 1993.

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