319: Great Muppet Appearances


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You had such a great response to last week's episode on The Muppet Show, that we decided to extend the Muppet celebration. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaayyy!! Richard dug deep and found clips of the Muppets and Jim Henson as guests on other shows like The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Joan Rivers Show, Arsenio Hall and lots more. We have to warn you, some topics and language are more risque than we’ve had on the show before. These are late night talk shows!

After one week, we've binged about 12 episodes of the 1st season of The Muppet Show. Since this is the first time Sarah has seen the show, she has some revised thoughts and opinions from last week. Moving forward, we will check in every week or so as we continue our Muppet Show rewatch.

So many Skywalkers chimed in with fun responses to last week's episode, so we share a TON of your comments in Skywalker Shout-Outs.

Check out the links in our show notes to watch all the Talk Show clips you heard on this episode: http://skywalkingthroughneverland.com/319-great-muppet-appearances/

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