Ditching Guilt and Screwing Perfection with Carrie Abernathy


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“Perfectionism” no longer applies when you’re living in a world where the news of the day has you asking WTF. According to leadership mentor and award-winning event planner, Carrie Abernathy, now is the best time to start ditching the concept of perfection and start putting out what you can the best you can.

When burnout started to affect Carrie she knew something had to change. She took to the internet and created her own blog to encourage other women to be more gracious with themselves and realize that perfection is BULLSHIT.

Carrie and I chatted about:

  • Being a recovering perfectionist.
  • Starting a blog during a pandemic.
  • Why women give so much but need to give to themselves.
  • Having a woo-side is a good thing.
  • Why stepping away from social media can actually help you discover who you are

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Carrie’s Website: https://www.awomanwithdrive.com/

Carrie’s Talk Show: https://www.crowdcast.io/eb2w

About Carrie Abernathy

Carrie Abernathy CMP, CEM, CSEP is a 15-year events industry veteran and a blogger, speaker, coach and industry leader. Carrie Co-Founded the Association for Women in Events in 2015 and runs the blog: A Women With Drive--a nod to her love of golf and leadership.

Carrie is also a full-time meeting planner with Altria Group Distribution Company. She has been named a Top 25 Industry Influencer by Successful Meetings Magazine and was nominated for Meeting Planner of the Year by PCMA. She was recently inducted into the Smart Meetings Magazine's Smart Women Hall of Fame. Carrie resides mostly in Radford, Virginia with her dog, Ginger.

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