Divorce and Healing through Creativity with Krysty Krywko


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Navigating life after divorce might leave you feeling lost and wondering what you’re supposed to do with yourself. Krysty Krywko turned to a little too much Sauvignon Blanc during her divorce. Then, not only did her battle with herself cause a downward spiral she became an alcoholic who struggled with being alone. She shares her story of sobriety and finding her way through creativity.

Krysty and I chatted about:

  • Healthy ways to cope after a divorce
  • What having a creative outlet means for most women
  • Why there’s danger in trying to just push through the emotions
  • How she turned her story into support for other women navigating the shitty waters of post-divorce life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Krysty’s Website: http://thecreativebadass.com/

About Krysty

Krysty Krwyko has all the fancy qualifications like a doctorate in Education from Teachers College, Columbia. She studied with Lisa Sonora in her certification process on visual journaling and she’s now a certified life coach. But what gave her the most experience is a painful divorce where she lost sight of who she was as a woman and a mom. Now she celebrates sobriety and coaches newly divorced women on how to navigate their new life through a creative journey process.

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