Lady Politics and Mental Health with Claudia Zapata


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Less than 6 months ago she was fighting for her life, thinking she was going to die from a strange illness she had developed. The stress put her over the edge and she checked herself into a behavioral center. Now, Claudia Zapata is taking on the world in her journey to congress.
Claudia and I chatted about:

  • Why mental health needs to be discussed MORE in politics
  • What inspired Claudia to run for office
  • The importance of asking for help
  • How she is sharing the real-life stuff behind her journey of politics

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About Claudia Zapata

Claudia has a passion for politics but not in the suit and tie, climb to the top manner you might think of. She is raw, real, and ready to bring change to the office. Her journey hasn't always been her focus though. In the middle of a pandemic, Claudia developed a vocal cord illness that left her mentally struggling for her sanity. She's using her experience to bring light and awareness to everyone she meets. Claudia is also sharing her behind the scenes journey on her podcast - Running for Office.

This episode has a boatload level of the F-Bomb Factor.

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