Weathering the Grief Storm with Julie Kick


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Julie Kick is a successful speaker, an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife and now she’s adding widow to this list of things she’s surviving through. In this candid conversation about losing the love of your life, Julie and I get raw about what it means to be a widow and what falling in love again means.

Julie and I chatted about:

  • Outrageous unsolicited advice
  • The difference between mourning and grieving
  • How being unfiltered was about getting honest with her readers
  • What her husband’s death taught her about love

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About Julie Kick

Julie Kick is an ICF Accredited life and business coach, trainer, and keynote speaker. Known as “the Systems Specialist,” she can break down just about any concept or big picture problem into doable steps. Her training topics include personal development, coaching and mentoring skills, leadership skills, and using the THRIVE process during life after loss. She has been writing her entire life but this is her first book.

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