5: Nullum Corpus


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Darrell, the donut maker, doesn’t show up for work one morning, which is highly unusual for him. When Investigator Tracey and her team are called in they find evidence of a violent, bloody confrontation at Darrell’s home, but still no sign of Darrell. This became a groundbreaking case for prosecutors in Tracey’s jurisdiction.
Special Guest: Investigator Tracey
After reading her first Nancy Drew mystery at age 7 Inv. Tracey knew that she wanted to solve real-life mysteries. She graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement. She attended the police academy in 1983 as one of only a few females in her class. For the next 30 years, she was a Criminal Investigator for the Solicitor General and District Attorney's offices. She is married to a retired Federal Special Agent, has two grown sons and a Jack Russell fur baby

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