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About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Learn more about Brett Lockwood Brett Lockwood is a Partner in the Corporate Practice of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP and chairs the Firm’s Technology Law Practice Group. [TRANSCRIPT] The kinds of things that we touched really span the gamut and they evolve over time. So, you know back say 15 years ago, doing a licensing transaction was something that was the realm of maybe the hardcore technology lawyer. What's happened is over time that has become something more of a general skill that is licensing over the Internet and other means has just become much more common and more typical and technology lawyers continue to have the ask themselves, 'Okay, so where do I add value to a client that a general practitioner or a general business lawyer that can't add value.' And certainly, on tricky technology licensing issues but it has evolved to cyber security and data privacy are bigger issues and there are so many things to keep up with that technology were in a speed much more familiar with that. We don't have many clients dealing with these yet, but we anticipate things like blockchain technology which is something that is traditional will going to assess you, bitcoin but many corporate clients and particularly banking clients are realizing that there's interesting record keeping potential for the blockchain technology outside of bitcoin. Drone technology, we don't have many clients using drones at the moment but we know that it's a regulation around drones are already starting to pop-up but at the state at the federal level and as those become more common, we need to keep up with those things. About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP SGR is a full-service, international law firm that advises regional, national and global businesses on a wide range of legal matters. The firm’s more than 200 attorneys provide legal counsel in more than 45 specialized practice areas, including corporate transactions, litigation, intellectual property, aviation, banking, construction, and employment law. Founded in 1893, SGR has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Jacksonville, London, Munich, New York, Southampton, and Washington, D.C.

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