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About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP - Learn more about Laura Wartner Laura L. Wartner is a Partner in and Head of Smith, Gambrell & Russell’s Tax Practice, with a focus in Private Client Services on family business planning, estate planning, and probate administration. [TRANSCRIPT] Private Wealth Services really is about the transition. It's about transitioning not only the families wealth and by that, we're talking not just money but the families values, the families legacy. What's important to the family, to the next generation. That's why it's so much bigger than what we use to call trusts in a states which imply they were just preparing documents. Actually, the documents carry out the plan that the family and we have come to in order to make the transition to the next generation. Also, included in the Private Wealth Services is probate administration, administering a state's, preparing all the various tax returns that need to be prepared as well as philanthropy because often part of the family's transition plan is not to move everything down the generations but part of the plan is to move funds into charity and to support the family charitable goals and involve the family, the larger family in charitable planning. Another important aspect of the work that we do with families is business succession planning. Often, our clients are owners of closely held businesses even family businesses and trying to determine what to do with that business at the death of the owner is very important. One of the reasons why it is so important especially if it's a family business is because the decision about what to do with it can very often affect family dynamics. So, it's important to think about that process, to think about what makes the best solution for the family to transition that business or to sell it beyond the owner's death. I really enjoy this area of law because we can do so much for people and helping them come to an understanding of what they have, how they want to pass it on, what works for them and for their families. It's quite satisfying to work with these families and helped them come up with the plans that they eventually implement and then being able to implement the plan and see it work, that's also very satisfying. We really enjoy working with our clients, we enjoy the relationships that we build with our clients. We often feel like we're a part of the family and our firm would love to work with you.[END] Private Wealth Services: Our attorneys represent a diverse client base, from individuals to large, multi-generational families, including owners of family-held business enterprises, non-U.S. citizens and foreign individuals with significant international and U.S.-based interests. Our clients also span a broad cross section of affluent families, including those who have inherited their wealth from a prior generation and those who are in the process of building their family’s wealth through the operation of family-held business enterprises. Our Group includes six main areas of practice: (1) Domestic and International Income, Estate and Gift Tax Planning, (2) Philanthropic and Family Legacy Planning, (3) Administration of Trusts and Estates, (4) Fiduciary and Estate Litigation, (5) Fiduciary Tax Accounting and (6) legal counsel on issues which are unique to family-held businesses. About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP SGR is a full-service, international law firm that advises regional, national and global businesses on a wide range of legal matters. The firm’s more than 200 attorneys provide legal counsel in more than 45 specialized practice areas, including corporate transactions, litigation, intellectual property, aviation, banking, construction, and employment law. Founded in 1893, SGR has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Jacksonville, London, Munich, New York, Southampton, and Washington, D.C.

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