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About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP Learn more about Lee Watts As Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Watts is responsible for the marketing, advertising and business development of Smith Gambrell. She works closely with the attorneys to develop and implement business development plans for practices, industries, and offices. [TRANSCRIPT] Legal marketing is still relatively new because most people don't associate marketing with law firms. So it's still growing and there is just a lot of room for growth. But some of the things that we're seeing in traditional marketing in companies and firms that are transferring over to legal marketing are things like content marketing. We expect our attorneys to be thought leaders, and in order to do that, we're seeing a growing trend of attorneys blogging, attorneys doing podcasts, attorneys doing videos. We want to hear and see attorneys talking about what they know so that content marketing is really big. We're also seeing trends of-- We already know that marketing in business development is primarily about relationships. We're seeing a lot more attorneys getting out into the community and building all types of bridges and partnerships with other people to further the relationship. We're seeing that--whether it's a sponsorship or just doing round tables, doing lunch and learns at your client's offices. We're seeing a lot of attorneys getting out of their offices and building relationships with their clients, with their referrals, with their partners. Some other things I think I see a lot of at legal marketing, we're looking a lot more at analytics. Social media is big. I know a lot of you all fight against it, but it is here to stay and we need to figure out how to best use it for our firm. So there are a lot of analytics that you can gather through social media. We're seeing a lot of law firms doing that, finding out who's visiting their sites, who's looking at them, who's liking them, who's following them, and figuring out what to do with that information after that. As a director of marketing here at the firm, I'm stressing and urging that we get on board with that, and make sure we're using all of the resources that we have at our fingertips to find out who our real target audiences are and how we can better serve them. [END] About Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP SGR is a full-service, international law firm that advises regional, national and global businesses on a wide range of legal matters. The firm’s more than 200 attorneys provide legal counsel in more than 45 specialized practice areas, including corporate transactions, litigation, intellectual property, aviation, banking, construction, and employment law. Founded in 1893, SGR has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Jacksonville, London, Munich, New York, Southampton, and Washington, D.C.

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