An Invitation to Play (S1, Ep 4)


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What is it about water that can instantly improve our mood, stir up joy, or awaken our inner child? In episode 4, we dive into the joy of playing in the water as we listen to stories of swimming in summer, splashing in puddles, and letting the waves lick our toes.

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Stories featured in this episode:

One Dock at a Time, Maine to Florida

Summers at the River in South Georgia

A River Girl and Her Fly Fishing and Outdoor Business in Todd, North Carolina

Learning to Swim

Trout Fishing and the Love for Water

Building the Fish Pond with Dad, Hawaii

Camping on the Blue Earth River, Minnesota

Playing in the Mud, Virginia Beach

Catching Fish in Mud Puddles, Missouri

Baptisms at Games Lake

Visit the Museum on Main Street website's story portal to share your own water story!

Explore the Women Mind the Water project.

Thanks to our storytelling partners at the Peale Center! Visit their website, The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture.

This episode was produced for the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service by Better Lemon Creative Audio. Produced, written, narrated, and edited by Hannah Hethmon.

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