Snark Knights #33: Spider-Man 2 (2004)


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We’re back! We’re back! Real world problems kept us busy and/or depressed but we’re back!

We dive into 2004’s Spider-Man 2, first of its name. This brings to close our own trilogy of reviews for the (mostly) incredible Sam Raimi trilogy. It’s been a journey following these kids from high school to emotionally abusive adult relationships. And lots of crying from us and them. Seriously, there are basically five main characters throughout this trilogy and they all cry so much. Not that there’s anything wrong with crying of course but why so serious? Oh wait, we already did that movie. Why am I still typing about this? I could have stopped at any time. Even that seems like the setup to a joke, but no, I’m just going mad.

Anyway, come take a break from this garbage fire of a world and join us as we discuss what is still one of the best superhero movies ever. Your Spidey sense might be tingling but if that just turns out to be melancholy or depression, we have your back because we’re also kinda melancholic and depressed. So listen along and help us bid farewell to this absolute game changer of a series.

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