Sneaky Dragon Episode 454


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 254 of the podcast with the golden arm.

This week: apologies for a quick start; Canadian boasting; why so much marrow; deep memory; forgetting; tricking old people; cruel science; bad management; desert demands; disappointing re-read; mediocre movie marathon; surprisingly gloomy; sad rap; old YouTube; enjoying enjoyment; cat visit; observing Griffiths Observatory; new allergy; a bee in the mouth; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; B.C. ratios; gifts in the mail; indifferent to the law; and, finally, trained by a cat.

Question of the Week: Do you have any allergies? Do you require an Epi-pen?
Sub-question: What’s a favourite bumper sticker you may have seen?

Thanks for listening.

Delicious cookies from Louise:

A cool book from Mark:

Worse rapping than David’s!

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