Episode 39: I Love You (Soja Boy/Usman from 90 Day Fiance) with Special Guests Samantha Bush the @BravoHistorian covering RHOBH and Erin Martin from Pink Shade with Erin Martin covering 90 Day Fiance and RHONY! Plus, my parents cover the season finale of


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QUARANTINE SUPER SIZED EPISODE!!! USE THE TIME STAMPS. Please stay safe out there and just play this at your leisure if you need some laughs.
Spend your quarantine time with me and my special guest Samantha Bush, Instagram's @bravohistorian covering all Bravo things like any historian does but we major in this weeks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! LET THE MOUSE GO! Plus, we have Erin Martin from Pink Shade with Erin Martin covering this season of 90 Day Fiance; Before the 90 Days AND this weeks Real Housewives of New York! That's not all cuz have So Bad It's Good Masterpiece Theater where I perform the Life's Not a Cabaret monologue made popular by Dame Bethenny Frankel! Then we finish it off with my parents, Bill and Becky Bailey recapping the finale of Vanderpump Rules! Listen, subscribe, rate and review, tell friends and let me come live (social distancing) with you!!
Time Stamps are below. Use them. They are your friend. This pod isn’t meant to be digested all at once! Contact me on Insta if you need me to send them to you if you can’t find them!
If you’re enjoying the insane amount of blood, sweat and literal tears of this pod consider telling a friend or rating us 5 stars on iTunes! Special shoutout to Maritza Lopez (Insta: @martiza.gif) for all of her insanely hard work creating these beautiful pieces of art on my instagram and patreon page!! Yes! The show now has a patreon.com/sobaditsgoodThere will be one new additional episode a week. We are starting with a little Bravo show I'll be recapping called NYC Prep. There are a lot of fun surprises in store. This week we have Annabelle Desisto from Adderall and Compliments! No pressure to join. It will always be here especially after we get back to normal. SO EXCITED to show you all that i have in store for it!
:29- I Love You by Soja Boy/Usman- show business and lyric breakdown
19:45-Douchebag of the Week-Jax Taylor-5th time winning this award!!
28:25-Samantha Bush: the Bravo Historian (Insta: @bravohistorian) talks all things Bravo and this weeks RHOBH! Plus, go sign up for Samantha's newsletter at her brand new website www.bravohistorian.com. This was such a great, fun conversation and her instagram is true art
1:48:15-Ryan interviews Darcey Silva from 90 Day Fiance!!
1:54:00-Erin Martin from Pink Shade with Erin Martin-we cover this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and this weeks RHONY!!!
2:56:00-So Bad It's Good Masterpiece Theater- Ryan portrays Bethenny Frankel and performs the "Life is Not a Cabaret" monologue.
3:01:30-Bill and Becky Bailey, my parents, recap the season finale of Vanderpump Rules
3:21:00-Tribute to Fred Willard
Love you guys stay safe out there! Here if you need me. Here's my # don't abuse it. Plus you dont read these time stamps anyways! 3109265887
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