Episode 44: Gave Up On Love (Kelli! from NYC PREP) with Special Guests Danny Pellegrino from Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino, Lara Marie Schoenhals from Sexy Unique Podcast and Veronica Leventhal (future stepdaughter of Kelly Dodd)!! Plus, RHONJ


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Spend your quarantine time with me and my special guests Danny Pellegrino (IG @dannypellegrino; subscribe to his youtube channel "danny pellegrino") from Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino discussing ALL the Bravo universe and the new midseason RHONY taglines. Queen Lara Marie Schoenhals (www.larzmarie.com) talking the end of Vanderpump and the one season wonder Bravo show NYC PREP!!! That's not all! We have the pleasure of talking with Veronica Leventhal, future step daughter of RHOC Kelly Dodd about favorite So Bad It's Good moments, differing political views and meeting Kelly for the first time. She's so great. Plus, i breakdown the song Gave Up On Love by Kelli! from NYC Prep, go over the new quarantine season of The Bacherlorette, the crime family affiliated with RHONJ and I cover the first episode of the Netflix documentary series on my new favorite person ever Garth Brooks! Also, So Bad It's Good has its first collaboration with Gold Half Moon company (INSTA @goldhalfmoonco). GO CHECK THESE SHIRTS OUT ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BLACK LIVES MATTERS charities! Listen, subscribe, rate and review, tell friends and let me come live (social distancing) with you!! Also, next we will be way goofier and i have some amazing guests and we will be diving into Aaron's from RHOBH. WHAT IS HIS STORY??? Lets find out together shall we?
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:29- Gave Up On Love- Kelli! from NYC PREP- show notes
10:05-Ryan Bailey's Teen Wolf Fantasy "Do You Love Me"
22:00-Who sent me a Garth Brooks photo in the mail
25:00-Ryan attempt to reach Bill and Becky Bailey-his parents
31:47-Danny Pellegrino Interview
1:46:00-Gave Up On Love Lyric Breakdown
2:00:41-Garth Brooks on Netflix!
2:18:43-Veronica Leventhal Interview (Insta:@not_topanga)
3:02:00-Machine Gun Kelly, The Bachelorette in Quarantine, and RHONJ drama!!!
3:17:00-Lara Marie Schoenhals Interview (@larzmarie)-Vanderpump Rules and NYC Prep breakdown Part 1 (part 2 can be found on my patreon patreon.com/sobaditsgood
4:19:00- Power (remix)-Kanye West, Jay Z, Swizz Beatz
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