ep 75: National Velvet, you have to move this stuff out of here


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Listen, National Velvet, you have to listen to this episode. The Kyla and The Taylor are talking THE Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. This movie has a lot of animal-obsessed kids, and we’re digging in to how they connect with Lorelai’s pony obsession as a kid. The Kyla and The Taylor also debate if this movie was good, the varying shades of Mickey Rooney performances, and how the decorator of the Dragonfly Inn may or may not be like THE Elizabeth Taylor in this movie.

Correction: Kyla references the movie All the Beautiful Places starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. The title is really All the Bright Places.

Other pop culture we ref: The Yearling, Artie Shaw, Casablanca, Gaslight, Angela Lansbury, Strike Up the Band, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Barefoot Contessa, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, All the Bright Places, The Black Stallion, Fred Astaire

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