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On last week's podcast, we talked about the importance of planning for the holiday's. Today, we have Keli Bell-Cole from AFCI talking about their mid-year buying event! AFCI and SPC have put together an amazing event for those retailers who need to get ready for the 3rd and 4th quarters. Hear about the Mixed Media Event, how to attend and the benefits of going from Keli. Find out how I epically failed the first year our shop opened for the holidays. (It wasn't pretty!) The Mixed Media Event is an intimate buying opportunity for retailers ONLY. This is your time to build those relationship with your vendors and distributors.

Show Notes

What is the Mixed Media Event?

Mid-year buying event for retailers to order their 3rd & 4th quarter supplies for their shops.

When is the Mixed Media Event?

July 17th - Education

July 18th - 20th - Show Floor

Salt Palace Convention Center

Salt Lake City, UT

How do I register?

Head on over to and click the registration button.

Mixed Media Event is free for all SPC and AFCI members and $35 for non-members

Can your business afford to not be ready for the holidays?

Benefits from a Mid-Year Buying Event

Keli explains how a mid-year buying event helps retailers with planning and the mindset of getting ready for the the last half of the year.

Third and fourth quarter sales can make or break a business.

Keli Bell-Cole, AFCI

This is an intimate and exclusive buying event for retailers. Not only can shop owners purchase inventory for the holiday season, but you can take advantage of the education program and build relationships with your vendors and distributors.

Important Links Referenced

Hotel Registration - Deadline June 16th!

Education Program

Register for the Mixed Media Event

Become a Member


Contact Information

For questions regarding the Mixed Media Event call Keli Bell-Cole - (201) 835-1202 or email her at kbell-cole (at) afci (dot) global

Call AFCI directly - (201) 835-1200

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