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Welcome to week 3 of our Planner Series with Audra Bolster from Kindred Stamps. Today, we are exploring the reasons behind decorating your planner, supplies available and best inks to use. When I think of decorating a planner, my brain immediately goes to "personal planner" and certainly not one for business. However, seeing the need for business stamps and direct sales planner stamps, Audra designed several planner stamps to fill that need. They are great for small businesses, direct sales, Etsy shop owners and so much more.


Why is decorating your planner so popular right now?

It adds uniqueness to your planner and you can add whimsy by stamping and coloring.

-Audra Bolster, Kindred Stamps

Types of Planner Stamps Kindred Stamps carries

Kendra's Personal Favorites

Best Ink - VersaFine Pigment Ink

Favorite Planner - Erin Condren

Favorite Planner Stamp Sets - Small Business and Unicorn

What You Need to Get Started

  1. Your favorite planner
  2. Bag for all of your supplies
  3. VersaFine Ink
  4. Favorite Pen

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