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We are continuing with our July eCommerce Series and when we were putting the series together, I knew there was one person I just had to have on the show so she could share her words of wisdom. Chloë Thomas, from eCommerce MasterPlan is an author, podcast host, mentor and consultant in the eCommerce world and I had the extreme pleasure of working with her when I owned So Suzy Stamps.

Chloë was instrumental in helping us grow our “bricks and clicks” business. She offered guidance on how to manage our inventory both in the shop and online, gave us amazing advice for how to handle promotions and helped us build a fabulous marketing plan to kick off the new year. Which, was our most profitable quarter in the past 3 years.

Chloë understands that not all industries are alike and not all needs are the same, however, she was able to guide me in the direction MY business needed to go and create my unique eCommerce MasterPlan.


In Chloë's book, Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling, she talks about the 3 most important things you can do to customize your own eCommerce MasterPlan

  1. Identify what sort of eCommerce business you are
  2. Establish your core foundation
  3. Marketing

Biggest challenge and benefit for having a "bricks and clicks" business

  • Challenge: Stock and time
  • Benefits: Online=Convenience; In Store=Experience

#1 Online Promotion You Can Do

  • Free Shipping or Free P&P (Postage and Packaging)

It has to get the customer to do what you want as cheaply as possible. -Chloë Thomas

Top Advice For Those of You Just Starting Out

Find a product that you are interested in along with enough people who are too. - Chloë Thomas

Chloë's Favorites

Favorite part of what she does for her business - Writing

Favorite eCommerce Marketing Method: eMail Marketing

Favorite App: Sumo Me

Where To Find Chloë

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