Getting Ready for the Holidays with Amit Mathradas from PayPal


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Whether you are a business or a consumer, it's time to get your game face on and prepare for the holiday shopping frenzy! On today's podcast, we not only give you 5 incredible tips on how you can score your favorite items during the releases and sales, but we also have Amit Mathradas from PayPal on the show. Amit gives us some incredible ideas for not only boosting sales during the holiday season, but how you can maximize the global market as well!


5 Tips to Score Your Favorite Items During Releases and Sales

  1. Join the company's FB Group and mailing list to get a heads up on sales, specials, coupons, sneak peek's and pre-launches
  2. Set your alarm for release times
  3. Get on your computer or sign up for PayPal One Touch to ensure speedy check out
  4. Make sure you have an account with the company AND you are logged in
Amit's Top Tips
  1. For businesses, make sure your site is optimized for mobile shopping
  2. Have a simply purchase path for your consumers
  3. Both businesses AND consumers can take advantage of PayPal's One Touch for speedy check out and higher conversions
  4. Make sure, as a business, you have capital set aside for marketing initiatives and inventory
  5. Go after international markets during THEIR major holidays, check out PayPal's Global Sellers Program
Amit's 1.5 Top Tip for a Successful Holiday Season
  • PLAN! Have a plan for the holiday season to increase sales
  • Try something new!

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