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Welcome to Made It Happen Monday, where we bring you the stories of the people in the creative industry who have built a business and Made It Happen! Today, we have Missy Luukkonen from The Little Green Bean. Missy is one of these amazing women who can take a piece of scrap fabric and turn it into the cutest, most unique items for your home. Plus, her sewing room is to die for!


Missy's tips for finding balance between maintaining a craft business and having a personal life:

  • Find your rhythm
  • Build a schedule and stick to it
  • Take a lunch and two 15 minute breaks
  • Remove cell phone from your craft area
  • Use a planner to plan out your day
  • Take the weekend off

Missy and her amazing craft room

Fun Facts

Favorite Product - whatever she is working on at the moment

Favorite Part of Owning a Business - having days to do what you want

Favorite Business Craft Tool - her giant ironing board

Favorite Holiday That Inspires Her Cute Birds - Christmas

My Favorite Birds!

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