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This month, we are focusing on different ways to make extra money to support your craft habit. Last week, we discussed craft fairs and launched our Craft Show 101 online class at This week, we are going to talk about card classes and how you can make extra money by hosting your own.


If you are wanting to host classes, there are a few things to consider before you go all gang busters and start promoting.

  1. Where are you going to hold them?
  2. How many people is your ideal number?
  3. How many cards are you going to make?
  4. What will you charge?
  5. Where will you promote?
  6. What products will you use?
  7. How long will your class be?
  8. What type of class will you teach?
  9. How much time do you have to prepare?
  10. Instructions or no instructions?

If you decide to host in your home, keep these things in mind:

  1. ALWAYS include if you have pets in your marketing and promo materials.
  2. If you do have pets, the dog goes outside PERIOD. Same goes for the cat. Cat goes outside or in a room.
  3. Kids are not allowed at home. The same goes with your guests, no children.
  4. Clean your house and bathroom.
Companies with Card Class Programs

Brutus Monore - contact heather (at) brutusmonroe (dot) com

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Use the "Contact Us" page for So Suzy Stamps, Right at Home and Crackerbox Palace.

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