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Welcome to our final week of the Planner Series. I hope you have enjoyed the last several weeks and the guests we have had on the show. If you missed out on any of the podcasts, you can find them all here. Also, if you would like to be eligible to win one of the NINE fabulous prizes, please leave us a comment in the show notes by July 6th. We will be announcing the winners on July 7th!

Today, we have Laurie Huff from Quo Vadis talking about traditional planners, why paper planners are making such a huge come back and how to best utilize the planner that works best for you.


What makes the Quo Vadis Planner so special?

  • Clairefontaine paper
  • Numerous styles, sizes, layouts and colors
  • Refillable with add on inserts
For those of us in the Creative industry or who have a lot going on, do you recommend using one or multiple planners?
  • Have a main planner that has all of your deadlines, if it has a date, it goes in your planner
  • Save your creativity on output not on planning
What advice would you give to someone who is looking for the perfect planner?
  • Stop looking online
  • Write down what you need it to do for you
    • Keep your schedule; personal and work
    • Keep your families schedule
    • Tasks
    • Goals
    • Record to refer back to
  • Try a layout before you buy it and see if it works for you
Don't try to do too much. You'll feel overwhelmed and underwater. - Laurie Huff

Why do you think paper planners are so popular?

  • Luxurious experience
  • History of your life
Paper planners are an experience technology cannot replicate. - Laurie Huff FUN FACTS

Favorite Quo Vadis Planner Style

Favorite Planner Cover and color

Favorite pen to use WHERE TO FIND QUO VADIS Website Blog Instagram Facebook Shopping for Covers Shopping for Inserts Laurie's Favorite Clairfontaine Stapled Notebooks LINKS REFERENCED Origin of the Planner Time Management Monday Writing Wednesday - Journaling Page Per Day Challenge Textagenda - Laurie used in the Peace Corps Space24 - Light Green Tint: Great for lists and lots of busy-ness!

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