E138 Leah Weinberg "Who knew I'd be as good as a wedding planner thanks to my 10 years as a lawyer!"


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Leah Weinberg helps couples plan their wedding - she is a wedding planner.

For 10 years Leah was a lawyer and she has left that behind her to build her own business.

This is quite a story. She talks about money and pricing and the tough times when it feels so personal and what you can do to move on ... She says that rejection feels especially personal when you start out in a business that's provides a service. Rejection is part of being in business. She assures us that "your skin will toughen and it will hurt less …” and that's what I have found as well.

She believes there is somebody for everybody AND there really is enough business to go around.

And this is how she counteracts the “non-wins” and how she uses this belief to help not take things so personally …

Leah is fun to chat with, this is a friendly interview and I believe you will enjoy listening in.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter: @colorpopevents

Her website: https://www.colorpopevents.com

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