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Welcome back to 2021.

Having taken a bit of a break to enjoy sunshine and the wonderful surf in the morning and some "laying on the couch reading with cats" time in the afternoons - now I'm back. Thank you for tuning in.

In this episode I talk about what's coming up for this 7th year of the podcast. It's going to look a little different - there will be more from me.

Thank you so much for continuing to listen, for being here, for spending your precious time with me and my guests. I am honoured! Thank you

The interview conversations are definitely continuing - and there are some terrific guests lined up. Interviews I have already recorded and they are ready to go!

More from me = more mindset, more practical nitty gritty of finance and money and numbers - made simple! and more stories and case studies - of course honouring client confidentiality.

If you want to hear more about what's coming up - tune into this welcome back episode.

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NB: NOT a sales page - information and explanation of the Accelerate program

About Ingrid Thompson:

I'm super passionate about helping business owners - and especially women - to pay themselves what they deserve, to charge their value, to make a healthy profit in their business and to understand the numbers!

I'm the founder of Healthy Numbers and the author of So You Want to Start a Business.

We know that when you truly understand how money works in your business - you life changes completely and forever.

We're changing lives here - for the better! One healthy business at a time!

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