E154 Throw your Backpack over the Wall; Nothing happens till you decide


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How do we create the future we truly want?

In today's episode I explore one of my favourite models - The 2 Future's model and share 3 actions for your take to create the future you desire.

When you truly understand how money works in your business your life changes completely and forever.

You make more money in your business

Importantly – not just more revenue, you make and keep more profit AND you can start paying yourself the salary you deserve

Imagine that – how does that sound? And if you …

Would you like to work with me directly to learn the financial framework I use for all of my clients?

My new Accelerate your Business Financial Confidence starts next month. We’ll tackle the 3 greatest challenges most business owners face when it comes to understanding how money works in their business.

So if you are sick of not making enough money, of not making enough profit and of not paying yourself what you what you deserve ... take a look at www.healthynumbers.com.au/money

This is NOT a sales page – no tacky countdown timers … it’s a page with some of my models and the information and explanation about the Accelerate program

I’m here to help you and this podcast has been made just for you

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