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There are a few things that are truly exceptional about Jack Tanasi and here are just a few that stand out from this conversation/ interview:

* he started his e-Commerce store completely from scratch. He did not have a product, didn't have a store. He created something from nothing

* during the early days of the enforced Melbourne lockdown – one of the longest lockdowns – Jack spent his time interviewing entrepreneurs who had started e-commerce brands “instead of playing Play Station like most people.” He asked questions and "was a total sponge soaking up all their information."

* He tells of how he learned the most from the smallest of the 10 business owners he spoke with and it was a lot of the little things – that some of the bigger brands didn’t have issues with. This matters to a startup business.

This is so insightful – we look at the large companies for ideas and inspiration – and in fact small business is where many of our best lessons are.

* He talks about taking that 1 product and creating 7 different SKUs – so smart!

* Finding a name that he could have both here in Australia and across the globe – and that has not all been smooth sailing – there were some big challenges and fortunately that has all been sorted out. He tells us about it in this episode.

* He has a 3 days action plan and holds himself accountable to implement an idea within 3 days.

* Jack is big on Time Management and has fixed ways he organises his day and that how he gets so much done in a day, in a week, in a month.

* Feedback comes from customers and they pride themselves on a fast response. They fix problems quickly.

* He says: "Be a sponge, learn as much as you can – constantly"

I think you are going to really find this episode helpful and informative as you look to grow your business.

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