The Good Parts of AWS with Daniel Vassallo


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AWS has over 150 different services. Databases, log management, edge computing, and lots of others. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of these products, an engineering team can simplify their workflow by focusing on a small subset of AWS services–the defaults.

Daniel Vassalo is the author of The Good Parts of AWS. An excerpt from the book: “The cost of acquiring new information is high and the consequence of deviating from a default choice is low, so sticking with the default will likely be the optimal choice. A default choice is any option that gives you very high confidence that it will work.” Having confidence in your workflow–even if it is a simple workflow–has advantages.

S3, EC2, Elastic Load Balancers: for simple web applications, this is really all you need to build your business. Daniel Vassallo worked at AWS for more than 8 years before leaving to become an entrepreneur and author. He joins the show to talk about what the good parts of AWS are, and his strategy for building applications with that subset of services.

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