The Blind Leading The Blind


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Rise and shine, Purple People! This week we're getting rather spiritual and delving into the majesty of the King James Bible, a book which, despite being written over 400-years ago still runs deep through our modern-day language and phraseology. So, at the risk of the "blind leading the blind", “rise and shine” and join us as we “go the extra mile”, hopefully arriving in the “land of nod” before we’re all “at our wit’s end”.

We also go through some of your fantastic emails, Susie provides us with three useful words to take into your week and, as well as providing his weekly quote, Gyles reminisces about the times he’s spent in churches over the years. A Somethin’ Else production.

Susie’s Trio:

Cackletub - slang term for a church pulpit

Gloppenment - a feeling of surprise or astonishment

Tatterwallop - an untidy or slovenly person

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