Roose Bolton Panic List- 40pts


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Today we talk about the Lord of the Dreadfort himself and how to best manipulate Panic Tests with him. THE LIST: Commander: Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort Lannister Guardsmen (5) + Ramsay Snow (3) [8pts] Lannister Guardsmen (5) Dreadfort Captain (1) [6pts] Lannister Guardsmen (5) [5pts] House Bolton Cutthroats (5) + Tyrion (3) [8pts] House Bolton Cutthroats (5) + Assault Veteran [6pts] Cersai Lannister [4pts] Pycelle [3pts] 40/40 Also attached is a PDF of the cards so you can follow along: ADDENDUM: I actually completely forgot that we showcased the Pyromancers last week, so I can talk about them now. I would absolutely get one unit of them into the list, because of the additional work they do, as well as the fact they cover one of the weaknesses in being able to remove heavy defense. To incorporate them I'd remove Tyrion and the naked unit of Lannister Guardsmen with Pyromancers, and then use the single spare point to change Pycelle to Littlefinger. Alternatively, you could forgo upgrading Littlefinger, remove the Assault Vet from the Cutthroats, and then add Bronn to the Pyromancers, giving them additional threat and you as well because now the Wealth zone is also powerful for you.

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