154 - Watching the Holiday Special for the First Time!


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Welcome back to a Sorta Star Wars podcast!

Come along as I take you through the journey of watching the Star Wars Holiday Special. This TV special aired in November of 1978 and is probably the most confusing and disregarded piece of Star Wars history. Between the musical numbers and lack of subtitles, you'll find an almost-forgotten story of Chewbacca trying to get back to his family to celebrate Life Day. The great thing about this movie is the longer it goes on, the more concerned and confused you get.


It IS a part of Star Wars and therefore I wanted to watch. Am I glad I watched it? YES! But, am I glad I watched it? Not really.

Hopefully I can relay even a small portion of what this movie is like through my description and reactions. Enjoy!

Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hH8rxarVG8&t=3763s

Thanks for listening!

Be safe. Be courteous.


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