Life is a Mirror


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In this second episode of a 5-part series on Awakening Your Authentic Self, I discuss how life acts as a mirror by reflecting important lessons and insights about our true selves. In this episode, I discuss how you can use this mirror process as a tool for more self-awareness and self-understanding. I give examples of how problems in our lives, especially in relationships, are the Universe’s way of getting our attention and alerting us to lessons we need to learn or wounds that need healing. When you understand that every problem in your life is an opportunity to learn something about yourself, you can then actively create an inner and an outer world that inspires and empowers you.

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Practice Exercise (from Shakti Gawain’s “Living in the Light”):

Think of someone whom you judge or feel uncomfortable with. Try to figure out exactly what quality this person has that you dislike. Is it possible that this is a quality within yourself that you deny or judge, and that your life could be enhanced if you made peace with, and were able to express that part of yourself? For example, if you dislike someone who appears very selfish, that person maybe reflecting the disowned part of you that wants you to pay more attention to taking care of your own needs. Perhaps you are overly identified with taking care of others.


“Living in the Light” by Shakti Gawain



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