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A feast for the mind in every episode of the Soul Forge Podcast! So many fun and different topics to cover in this week's episode. Every show is a feast for the mind, but this time, I actually use that phrase. Find out why when you listen to this one!

La Brea is the latest show I have started watching. I find it really fun and entertaining. It had me hooked in the first 5 minutes. I'll be giving you a quick overview on the first 3 episodes. Minor spoilers are revealed, but because the show is so new, it should not matter.

My Etsy shop is called Rusted Robot Toys. A recap of my last 4 months worth of sales is discussed. I also talk about how I pack my orders and ship them out. What's included in every package? You'll find out in this episode, and maybe you'll want to buy something! Find the shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/rustedrobottoys/

I was listening to the latest episode of the Delta Flyers podcast and one of the hosts mentioned a book. After looking into the book, I decided to purchase it. Because it sounds like a great read, I share it with you. Perhaps you will want to purchase a copy as well.

Speaking of buying things, I just ordered a few more items from Eaglemoss. They sell Star Trek starships and other fun items. I used the Honey plug-in on my computer to get a discount. Try Honey to save yourself some money. This is not a paid plug lol.

Finally, we talk about my recent fake name change. Trent does not suit me. My demeanor and lifestyle is quite different from Trent. Therefore, I'm just gonna be me!

This week's podcast promo: The Monster Scifi Show, Vaccine PSA

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