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Crooked Teeth/Straight Path or how Facebook memories made me realize I am where I need to be. Crooked Teeth/Straight Path is an odd title. Yet I think it very neatly sums up my life and my journey. A longer title would say more, but brevity is sometimes good too!

Before we get into Crooked Teeth/Straight Path or paths not taken, we have a few items to sum up. Last week's prepper episode brought me a good amount of feedback and discussion. Daisy the dog is about 3 weeks from having her puppies. This week's Star Trek news is that 2 episodes from 2 different series will air on the same day - this hasn't happened for 22 years! I have made 69 sales on Etsy as of today! Find the store at:

So, Facebook memories can lead to strange thoughts and conversations. November 11th would have been my 9th wedding anniversary. This is the first year I had forgotten. I went down a crazy rabbit hole of thoughts as to where my life is now, or could have been had it followed a different path.

A picture from 35 years ago shows me smiling. I didn't smile for about 15 years because I had crooked teeth. But, if I hadn't have had those crooked teeth, I never would have ended up living in Timmins, and my life would be completely different. How does that follow? Does it make sense? Once you hear the episode, you will understand.

Crooked Teeth/Straight Path is a short episode. And yet, it is filled with so many thoughts. Where would your life have taken you if one decision was made differently? The choice of university can create a completely new life path.

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