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It's about time to have a Soul Forge episode about time! This time on the show we will be discussing various aspects of time. We are covering topics such as television shows, the passage of time during travel and a good deal more!

The episode starts with a brief introduction to time. I read the definition of time according to wikipedia. That definition is kinda crappy, so I added my patented personal touch on the topic. Naturally, this leads to me talking about Star Trek. And I talk about Seinfeld. The way time moves doesn't always seem to make sense. Your actual experience and the reality of time do not always meet up in a happy or convenient way.

Travel is done in miles or kilometres. And yet, we measure distance through time. Or, I do, at least. It takes so many hours to get to this place. And this place is that many hours from this other place. I know more about the hours it takes to get somewhere, than I do the actual unit of distance.

Other topics this week include a recent trip to Ottawa and how long that took us. Talking about the time between sales on my Etsy shop. Discussing climate change and how time is running out for humanity to do something about it. Lots more too!

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