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Toys, games, cartoons and more are all a part of Nate's nostagia tour. Join the Soul Forge podcast as we dive deep into Nathan's world of collecting!

I've known Nathan for about 15 years. We worked at The Home Depot together. We bonded immediately over toys and tattoos. Both of us are toy collectors. This is Nathan's story.

As far back as he can remember, Nathan has been a fanboy and a collector. As is typical, his mom tossed out much of his childhood collection. In his mid twenties he began to collect those lost items. And many more besides!

We discuss the joys and pitfalls of re-collecting your childhood. There is the danger of overpaying for that piece you simply must have. Shipping costs can also be a barrier to collecting. Buyer's remorse is another factor to consider.

Something unique to Nathan is his method of display. Every month he picks a new theme and puts out his collection in that category. He cleans and packs away the previous month. This system allows him to display many more things than in a static collection.

How does he acquire his items? There are many ways. As with most of us, he started buying on eBay. Now there are many more options. Facebook is a great resource. Etsy and other online sellers are great as well. Word of mouth in your local collecting community is also very helpful.

Some things he collects have to do with gaming. He has separate collections for board games and video games. Other things he collects are items related to Marvel and DC Comics. The 80s and 90s are also themes. TMNT, He-Man, LEGO, and Ghost Busters are also quite popular in his house.

Nathan will be starting a podcast soon. He will be discussing nostalgia. Sharing stories for the next generation of collectors is a big thing. If you'd like to know more, you can take Nate's nostalgia tour on social media. His Twitter handle is @nostalgia_nate and if you listen to the podcast he shares other areas where he can be reached.

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