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We are not too old for this! Maybe we feel like we are getting too old for some things, but we are not. Age is only a matter of perspective, or so we can tell ourselves. We are definitely not as young as we used to be or want to be.

I just signed up for TikTok. After swearing up and down for years that I would never get involved in such a thing, I did. Blaming my brother is likely a good way to go about explaining this change in my behaviour. He needed the money! I am hoping I'm not too old for this.

Adapting to change is tricky as we age. New phones are full of all kinds of technological innovations. Everything is changing so fast and keeping updated is not easy. 30 years ago a car trip consisted of a Walkman and a cassette tape. Kids today have their phones, tablets and gaming systems. Everything now is on demand with instant access. We want things yesterday -- no waiting.

Another thing that changes with age is memory. The forgetting is real. Distraction is a very real thing. Is it caused by depression, aging, 2 years of Covid isolation or something else? Who can say? And does the cause matter? Remembering life details such as birthdays and appointments is no long as easy. You gotta write that shit down man!

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