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One year sober is a huge achievement. For some, 24 hours of sobriety is almost impossible. This is an episode about alcohol addiction and recovery. This is Amanda's story. This is how she became one year sober.

Amanda has always had an addictive personality. She started with a food addiction, but soon made her way to alcohol. Currently in recovery and getting better every day, Amanda still has her addictions - which currently include coffee and purse collecting.

Now in her mid 40s, Amanda was not always an alcoholic. It wasn't until her early 30s that she realized she might have a problem. Like many alcoholics, she was closeted and hid her issues as well as her booze. Hiding bottles became a habit. It was a habit so bad that often she didn't remember where the stuff was hidden and this once led to a relapse during a cleaning session. Amanda went from wine to vodka to drinking earlier and earlier.

Multiple attempts were made to get her life back on track. She joined AA on several occasions. There were at least 5 relapses after reaching a decent amount of sobriety. She wasn't ready yet. That is the main thing she has learned from her time in recovery - you need to be ready for yourself. You can't quit your addictions for someone else. You need to be ready.

Because she had a great job her recovery may have been hampered. Amanda felt a stigma against those with addictions and didn't want to be one of those people. And then one day she didn't feel like dying so she felt ready again. She re-entered the program. And today, she is one year sober.

Also in this versus closed meetings. How 'God' fits into the program. Relapses. How AA members offer support, love and acceptance. You're not just hurting yourself, but also family and friends.

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