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Rebirth! What does that mean in the context of this week's episode? Well, it's nothing too far out there. After last week's episode about being diagnosed with depression, it seemed like a good opportunity to turn the podcast around. Rebirth is just one of the poems that I read for you this week! That's right, this is another episode where I share my poetry with all of you out there in podcastland.

As many of you know, I used to fancy myself a poet. This was back during my university days. I was still trying to find out who I was, what I was and where I was headed. I have always been in my head and thinking and feeling is simply a part of my nature. When I went to university, I was in the English Literature program. English was my best subject in high school and I didn't know what else to do with my life.

Being around all the intellectual types made me want to dive into that world. However, I never really felt like I fit in there properly. And yet, I decided to go full on into the artsy arena. I began reading and writing a lot of poetry. Throughout my school years I wrote around 100 poems or so. Some I think are excellent, while others are not so great. And this week, I read 10 of my poems to you.

This week's selection of poems:

  • Baldness: A Ballad
  • Naked Desire
  • Not Long Enough
  • Rebirth
  • Remember When
  • She Who Stands Alone
  • Sonnet One Dirty
  • Strangers in the Rain
  • You Came for the Children First
  • First Day

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