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What is SHTF? Do you know anything about the survival prepping community? Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea about any of this stuff. One random video on YouTube sent me down a rabbit hole of anxiety. SHTF: Survival Prepping is your guide to what I have learned recently.

My YouTube interests have always varied greatly. Most often I watch videos about philosophy, Star Trek, history, Ebay and Etsy, and a few other things. I came across a video about guns. That video sent me on a voyage of discovery.

An underground bunker is something I have always wanted to have. Being somewhat prepared for an unknown emergency always seemed like a good idea. The hosts in these videos are quite intense. And do they ever enjoy their acronyms. Do you know what SHTF means? What about MAG or EDC?

In this episode, I will tell you about the supplies you may need in an emergency situation. We will talk about your everyday carry. And we will discuss your bug-out bag and your make it home bag. In a survival situation, will you try to be a lone wolf, a grey man or be part of a community?

Supplies you will need or should have include: water, fire starter, paracord, carabiners, battery bank, multitool, tactical pen, flashlights, life straw, blankets, tents, emergency food, first aid kits, saws, knifes and about a hundred other things.

We are living in uncertain times. It never hurts to be prepared.

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