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The Grief Portal is the gateway to nostalgia. It can also be a place to be sad, a place to wallow in self-pity if you're not careful. The Grief Portal can either be a positive place or a negative one. Everything depends on your level of healing. If you are in a place where you can reflect on your losses in a healthy way, the portal is merely a place to pause. However, if you are deep in your misery, the portal can be a dangerous and terrifying place. The choice is yours, and much depends on your healing journey.

What is grief? Grief is the natural reaction to loss. Grief is both a universal and a personal experience. Individual experiences of grief vary and are influenced by the nature of the loss. Some examples of loss include the death of a loved one, the ending of an important relationship, job loss, loss through theft or the loss of independence through disability. Mourning can last for months or years. Generally, pain is tempered as time passes and as the bereaved adapts to life without a loved one, to the news of a terminal diagnosis or to the realization that someone they love may die.

In this episode, I give specific examples of loss from my life. I have done other tribute episodes in the past, but this one is different. This show was recorded on what would have been my mother's 63rd birthday. She has been gone for just over 7 years. I felt the need to mark that anniversary. Also, you can blame Marc Maron's WTF podcast for a portion of this episode.

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