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In this episode we talk about: - What is co-dependency and how does it start in life? - What is an empath? - How empaths are affected by co-dependant relationships. - How developing your spiritual connection helps you to heal and live a better life. Guest: Vanessa Grace Vanessa is a licensed Therapist, Social Worker, founder of Expand Joy (mental health services) and founder of Soul Amplified (coaching and courses) and host of the Soul Amplified Podcast. Vanessa is an expert in overcoming co-dependency, the life experiences that create this pattern and how trauma influences it all. Vanessa joins mental health, spiritual practices, life goals, and money/career intentions with this and mixes it all together to help women create the lives they really want for themselves.

Resources Mentioned: Alex Myles Astrology (Facebook) Dr. Judith Orloff – Empath’s Survival Guide

Connect with Vanessa: Instagram: www.instagram.com/soulamplified Podcast: Soul Amplified Podcast Intuition Quiz: www.enlightenedbosslady.com ______________________________________________________________________

Anastasia Burtnick is an Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healer and developing Psychic Medium who specializes in helping you get out of your own way, heal pain/dis-ease and traumas and create a connected, meaningful life.

Anastasia has experienced a lot of pain and trauma in her life and has used these hardships as lessons to help her heal and grow. She learned how to heal her body and get out of her own way and is now living a life full of purpose and connection.

Anastasia’s clients see their bodies and minds heal, their hearts open, their visions come to life and their reality shift to a life filled with self worth, joy, wellness, abundance and purpose. ______________________________________________________________________

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