The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio 09.082020


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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 9th August 2020

Back into my favourite era for soul music, the early 80s, a real time of music discovery for me and a period where the music released then still stand up today in terms of quality, but don’t take my word for it, just for yourself from tracks by the following classic artists
Lakeside – It's Got to Be Love (LP: Keep On Moving Straight Ahead) 1985
Dayton – Wanna Be Your Man (LP: Cutie Pie) 1981
Tavares – Only One I Need To Love (LP: Love Uprising) 1980
Revelation – Shout For Joy (LP: Revelation) 1982
Bloodstone – My Love Grows Stronger (LP: We Go Long Way Back) 1982
Tomorrow's Edition – Part Time Love (LP: A Song For Everyone) 1982
Klique – I Can't Get Enough (LP: Let's Wear It Out) 1982
Shock – That's A Lady (LP: Waves) 1982
Sharon Redd – Love Is Gonna Get Ya (LP: Sharon Redd) 1980
Evelyn Champagne King – What Are You Waiting For (LP: I'm in Love) 1981
Gayle Adams – Let's Go All The Way (LP: Love Fever) 1982
Karin Jones – Here I Go Again (LP: Under The Influence Of Love) 1982
Billy Griffin – Be With Me (LP: Be With Me) 1982
Marc Sadane – Baby Wont'cha (LP: Exciting) 1982
Melba Moore – It's Really Love (LP: Never Say Never) 1983
Alfie Silas – You Put The L In Love (LP: Be Yourself) 1983
Zingara – Wonder Love (LP: Zingara) 1981
Future Flight – Walk Don't Run (LP: Future Flight) 1981
Billy Ocean – Whatever Turns You On (LP: Nights Like This (Getting Down)) 1981
The Dells – Happy Song (LP: Whatever Turns You On) 1981
Delegation – I Wantcha' Back (LP: Delegation) 1981
Atlantic Starr – Perfect Love (LP: Brilliance) 1982
Leon Ware – Lost In Love With You (LP: Leon Ware) 1982
Rene & Angela – Free And Easy (LP: Rene & Angela) 1980
Enchantment – I Believe In You (LP: Soft Light Sweet Music) 1980
Charles Earland – Coming To You Live (LP: Coming To You Live) 1980

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