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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 3rd May 2020
This week’s show paying tribute to some serious quality independent soul over the past 15 years all featured as brand new releases at the time and each and every one of them still standing up quality wise, seriously good timeless and contemporary classic soul music
Jeff Canady feat. Valencia Walker – Baby, Your Love (Album: From Heart And Soul) 2011
J. Canady – Mysterious Love (Album: Expression of Me) 2015
King Ellis – Next 2 U (Album: Timeless Vol 1) 2009
Geno Young – Gladys (Album: Ear Hustler) 2010
Joonie – Delilah (Album: Acoustic Love) 2010
Yomi – Why Oh Why (Album: From Me to You) 2009
MLU – Wasn't There (Album: Crazy Love) 2009
Guiltypleasures feat. Mycah Chevalier – Meaningless Affair (Album: Lovestories) 2009
EricBenet – News For You (Album: The One) 2012
Jonathan Butler – Color Green (Album: So Strong) 2010
Danielle Haynes – I Want To Be Close (Album: Love's Never Lost) 2009
Ellis Phelps & William Swann – Best Friend (Album: I'm Still Here) 2009
The Tim Terry Experience – The One (Album: The Tim Terry Experience) 2005
Kashious – Time (Album: Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 2) 2008
Lejit – How Can I (Album: New Beginning) 2013
Lejit – It Won't Work (Album: New Beginning) 2013
Anthony AK King – I Just Lose Control (Album: Love Is Everything) 2012
Gary Beals – Excuse Me (Album: The Rebirth Of...) 2009
Wil Key – Awake Me (Album: Satisfy My Soul) 2009
Brian Temba – Don't Care (Album: Something Better) 2010
Gwendolyn Collins – Beautiful Fantasy (Album: Storytelling Side I / The Simple Things) 2014
Kabanya-Chemise – Sky Blue (A New Day) (Album: The Mosaic) 2010
Maysa feat. Bluey – Good Morning Sunrise (Album: Blue Velvet Soul) 2013
Garcia feat. Vince Durrell – Praying For Rain (Album: Soul Togetherness 2014) 2014
Wicked Jazz Sounds Band – Three Elements (Tribute To EWF) (Album: The Biggest Sin) 2009
Sir Wick – What Am I to Say (Album: An Interpretation Of A Universal Language) 2008

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