137: Zach Bush MD - Creating A Healthy Microbiome To Heal Yourself and The Planet


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“As we reach the physical limits of our physical reality, we start to feel something greater than self. We start to be plugged into an energetic reality of a purpose much greater than anything we can imagine.”

Episode Summary: In this important episode, Dr. Zach explores our world in a way most of us have never seen it. Grab a pen and paper as Dr. Zach shares his profound knowledge to help us understand how fragile our species is, how pandemics are an important part of our evolution, and what to do to prevent human extinction. You will learn how to heal yourself and change the way you live your life through science, reconnecting with nature and creating a healthy microbiome for our entire planet.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 3 Keys to keep your mind and life healthy.
  • The true gift any virus is giving to your life and how to take advantage of it.
  • How to heal ourselves and reconnect with the power of nature.
  • The importance of the soil and how agriculture is an essential piece that needs changing.
  • The stagnation of science: The new methods of care and health that we must all know.

Some Questions That I Ask:

  • How do we avoid human extinction?
  • What would have been the best way to handle COVID-19?
  • How does biology back up a virus and extreme disease? How does this relate to the mortality that we see in the world?
  • How to handle the fear of dying of COVID-19 or any other unknown disease?
  • How do we create a healthy microbiome?
  • What is the microbiome and how does it work in our evolution as a species?

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