Ep. 9 - Adham Shaikh


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Sound of the Kootenays - Episode 9
Adham Shaikh
Adham is a Slocan Valley based electronic music producer who has been blending the sounds of many cultures into his vibey grooves since the early nineties. He's traveled around the world performing and recording with some of the most interesting and diverse musicians across a multitude of genres. He is also the owner/producer/engineer at Sonicturtle Studios in Slocan BC where he records and produces music for artists of all styles.
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Track Listing (in order of appearance)

(Intro/Outro) - Deep Valley - The Big 48 (unreleased)
I Dream [Chill Mix] - (Video - 2018)
Sufi Spin - (Essence - 2002)
Gathering Storm (Turtle Island Dub) - (Buckman Coe Gathering Storm - 2019)
Interstellar Dub - (Monkeydragon - 2019)
Deep Dream Meme - (Collectivity 2006)
No Time Steppers Dub - (Sub Dubs Vol. 1 - 2017)
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