Queer Punk Pioneers Team Dresch Are Back on Active Duty


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Formed in the 1990’s in the Northwest, queercore icons Team Dresch were one of the first “out” bands who wrote about homophobia (fearing holding hands with their partners in public, and railing against conservative Christian anti-gay policy), and searching for love and companionship. (The “queer” coming from the identities of all members, and the “core” from the band’s punkass and metal roaring tendencies.) Team Dresch's members also embody the punk DIY spirit - they ran their own record labels (zines and message boards), booked their own tours, and provided community and inspiration to many - both queers and straight punks alike. With the reissue of their entire catalogue back in May 2019 as well as a bonus of two surprise new songs, they are back on active duty; Team Dresch plays in-studio. - Caryn Havlik

Set list:

    Your Hands My Pockets Freewheel Uncle Phranc

Personal Best by Team Dresch

Choices, Chances, Changes: Singles & Comptracks 1994-2000 by Team Dresch

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